Amazin’Graze x NUDE

Nutritious and Delicious Artisanal Granola



Blueberry Goji Coconut

Pink Rasberry

Banana bread

Hazelnut Blackforest


With Honeyed Greek Yoghurt 7.8

With Soy Milk 7

With Full cream or skimmed milk 6.5

Add Banana 1; Berries 2.5

Pastries & Sweets

Homemade Banana Bread 2.9

Lemon Raspberry Muffin 3.8

Blueberry Muffin 3.8

Chocolate Truffle Cake 6.8

Yam ‘Orh Nee’ Cake  6.8

Rainbow Cheesecake 7

We seek to provide the best quality and value that we can. As such, we may have limited portions of some dishes, or make substitutions to serve you the best produce available


All prices nett, inclusive of 7% GST