Dinner: Contemporary Asian Seafood

Fresh fish from our family’s wholesale business paired with flavours from our childhood and a contemporary chef’s touch. Dinner is the food we’ve always wanted to cook: honest, generous, and deeply comforting

6:30pm - 9:00pm last order, weekdays

Free parking after 6pm! Redeem at Marina Link Mall ‘s concierge


smaller dishes

Crab & Egg White Chawanmushi (GF) 8

(not suitable for take away)


Mantou (min 2 pieces; gf without the mantou)

Gochujang Cauliflower (V) 6.8

Pickled Daikon, Almond

Tofu Skin Salad (V; GF) 5.8

Cloud Ear, Spinach, Sour Plum Vinaigrette

NUDE Century Egg Tofu (V; GF) 6.8

Pink Ginger Granita (not suitable for take away)

Broccoli (V; GF) 5.8

Olive Vegetable Sauce, Almond


bigger dishes

‘Squirrel’ Grouper 18.8

Lychee, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Oatmilk Foam

Steamed Pomfret (GF) 13.8

‘Mei Cai’ Vegetable, Lotus Leaf

Miso-grilled Halibut (GF) 20.8

Mushroom Tea, Shiitake, Spinach

Japanese Squid (GF) 16.8

Thai Spices

Hickory-Smoked Salmon (GF) 12.8

in Bamboo Leaf

Oatmilk Spinach Tofu (V; GF) 12.8

Portobello Mushroom, Crispy Kale


rice & porridge

Salted Fish Blue Pea Flower Rice, Jinhua ham 4.8

Blue Pea Mushroom Rice (V) 4.8

Teochew Porridge (V) 3

Blue Pea Niigata Rice (V) 3



NUDE Honeydew Sago, Peach Gum (V) 6.8

Housemade Tiramisu (V) 6.8

NUDE Brownie with Ice Cream (V) 6.8

Takeaway Special:

+$8 for blue pea mushroom rice and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, or salad) with any main course

+$6 for rice or porridge with vegetables

For dinner, prices are subjected to GST and service charge

We seek to provide the best quality and value that we can. As such, we may have limited portions of some dishes, or make substitutions to serve you the best produce available 

Prices subject to 7% GST and 10% service charge for dinning in