seasonal drink

Selections of seasonal drinks, crafted with love and friendship

Syah’s Berry Rose-Mary 14

Gordons Pink Gin, strawberry, lime juice, rosemary

Cabin In The Woods 14

Smirnoff Red Vodka, Log Cabin Maple syrup, strawberry syrup, lime juice, soda

‘Mahal-Kita’ 7

(non alcoholic) raspberries, blueberries, fresh mint, topped with organic lemonade

We work exclusively with Berry Bros. & Rudd, the oldest and most established wine merchant in the U.K., to serve wines that provide great pleasure and value. Food and wine make each other better, and we offer 6 beautiful red and white wines by the glass. We price them very reasonably because we want to share the magic of good food and wine.

We source our green teas from Marumo in Shizuoka, Japan. Our juices are cold-pressed for us daily, and our sodas are organic and fair trade from New Zealand's All Good.

Coffee's a great expression of our hospitality. We start with exceptional ingredients, our own custom blend of single origin beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roaster. Then, our baristas make each cup with care and serve it with warmth, ensuring that our coffee is not just a good drink, but also a human connection that makes life better.



Sauvignon Blanc, Amelia Park, Margaret River, Australia, 2016
16gls |88btl
Riesling, JS Selbach, Mosel, Germany, 2015
14gls |74btl

Chardonnay, Burgundy, France, Louis Latour, 2015



Cabernet Sauvignon blend, Mitolo, McLaren Vale, Australia, 2015
17gls |89btl

Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France, Louis Latour, 2015



Hope, Summer Ale   11    

Love, Wild Indian Pale Ale   12



Yellow Passion    5.6
passionfruit, pear, pineapple, orange, lime

Orange Warrior     5.6
apple, carrot, celery, guava, banana, pineapple

Carrot Fighter    5.6
carrot, ginger, orange, apple, lemon

Red Beet    5.6
beetroot, apple, watermelon, lemon

Green Alkalizer    5.6
spinach, celery, lime, cucumber, cabbage, mint

Nut Milk    6.5
Almond, walnut, cashew



Blackcurrant   4.7

Lemmy Lemonade   4.7



Coke   2.8

Coke Zero   2.8

Sprite   2.8


barista's special (8am-5pm)

NUDE's Fruit Iced Tea   5.6

NUDE's Magic chilled double-shot espresso, milk, cream   7


coffees, CHocolate, & CHai (8am-5pm)

Cold Brew (tue-fri)   5.6

Black   4.1

espresso, long black, macchiato. etc.   

White   5.1

latte, cappuccino, flat white, etc.  

Iced Black Coffee   5.1

Iced White Coffee or Mocha   6.1

Hot Chocolate   5.1

Nut Milk   +2.5 | Soy  +0.5

Upsize (only for hot) or extra shot   +1



Green Tea Marumo, Shizuoka   4 

Earl-Grey Lavender   4

Lemon-Ginger-Mint Infusion   4

Ginger-Lily Infusion   4

Chamomile Infusion   4

Chai Latte   5.5

Matcha Latte   5.5

Iced Matcha Latte   6.5



Acqua Panna   3

San Pellegrino   3

All prices subject to 10% service charge for dining in, and 7% GST