We use deep knowledge to source pristine seafood, unlock their beauty with a contemporary chef’s touch and serve them with heart. Meals we would share with family and friends

Like our food, we source exceptional individuals, bring the best out in each other, and play as a team with great camaraderie. Our backgrounds span management consulting, fine-dining restaurants, and casual restaurants. This diversity is the source of many fights, but also the source of our strength.

We put value back onto the plate, and make each one sparkle. Then, we serve our food with generosity and hospitality.

At the heart of everything we do is a strong causal relationship—happy team, happy food, happy guests. When we cook and serve you, we are sharing our joy of working together to make beautiful things, and our joy of feeding people well.

Because food is about making people happy, nothing more or less.


At lunch, we're a fresh casual seafood restaurant. Our menu is built around one-dish meals that are high-quality, quick, and affordable, served with heart

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At dinner, we cook a fine casual seafood meal and serve it family-style. Food prepared with passion and care, meant for sharing, for bonding over

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