People are at the heart of what we do

we see ourselves more as a startup than a traditional restaurant

We set a high bar for hiring, considering character, fit, performance, and potential.

Then, we bring the best out of each othercollaborating, nurturing, and inspiring. Fighting often, too, but for better answers.

And out of all this, we play a beautiful game together.




Junchen's fear of starvation combined with instinctive generosity makes feeding people well a natural strength. His creativity, passion and selfless care for the team inspires us to do better and dream bigger.



Whey Han is almost an accidental restauranteur, but in this role his calmness, logic, and consistency shines through. And it's all wrapped around a big heart that anchors and nurtures the team.


Head chef

kee leng

Kee Leng is a classic chef's chef, single-minded about his love for cooking and camaraderie. His creative process is non-linear, frequently yielding flavour bombs and unexpected dishes with range and dynamism, all fueled by passion for the craft.



ash (hospitality lead), chester, Dong, Janine, kin hao, nic, ALVIN, ivy, shidah


food TEAM

MARCUS (SOUS CHEF), JAMES (sous chef), DIk yang (junior sous chef), LEONG (JUNIOR SOUS CHEF), amos, Brian, EDDY, ming, voon



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