Shizuoka Summer Corn: NUDE x Chitose Agriculture


Great produce is at the heart of good food

Our job as chefs is to bring the best out of Nature's bounty.

Friends from Chitose Agriculture gave us the perfect summer gift of 50 ears of corn lovingly grown, harvested, and transported from Shizuoka, Japan. We will feature this corn at dinner on 29 July, 1-3 August (Fri, and the following Mon-Wed), and at lunch on 1 August (Mon). Come join us for a celebration of summer!

For dinner, we'll be serving this special corn with threadfin fish, one of the finest local fish, corn dashi sauce, baby corn, compressed cucumber, and chestnuts. For lunch, we'll serve it in a wonderful dessertquartet of roasted corn ice cream, dehydrated corn, fresh corn, corn flakes, with warm coconut pudding.

This extraordinary corn is grown by Takeshi Ichikawa in Shizuoka, right around the midpoint of the Japanese islands, facing the Pacific Ocean and bathed in sunshine. The cultivar of corn is Kankan-musume, a cultivar that is extremely difficult to grow (total crop failure is a real risk) but produces corn of incomparable sweetness. Unusually, Ichikawa-san grows this corn on paddies, just like rice, and brings its flavours to the next level.

This corn reaches sweetness levels of 17-20 Brix, in comparison to Japanese musk melons and peaches that top out at 13-14 Brix. That's how exceptional it is.

It's only with ethical farming a corn of this quality could be cultivated. Learn more about it at

It is a gift of nature, and a gift of friendship. Come share it with us!

 Ichikawa-san ,  the artisanal farmer of this corn ,  with his exceptional crops

Ichikawa-santhe artisanal farmer of this cornwith his exceptional crops